I'm a multidisciplinary software leader focused on
strategy, product management, user research, and user experience design
for growth-focused product companies in Atlanta, GA.

Presentations (from SlideShare)

Bad Jobs, Burnout, and a Better Way
UX Hustle Summit, 2019

We Do Not Think How We Think We Think
Deluxe Product Learning Summit, 2017

Agile Principles: More than the Manifesto
Deluxe Product Learning Summit, 2016

Agile Metrics: What We Measure …and Why
Deluxe Product Learning Summit, 2016

Inigo Montoya's Guide to User Experience
Deluxe Internal Presentation, 2015

Leading with Influence
Daxko Reach 2014

Design for Non-designers
Daxko Team Member Development Series, 2014

Collaborative Design with the Design Studio Method
IXDA Atlanta, 2014

Changing the World (Without Losing Your Sh*t)
Web Afternoon, 2013

More with Less: Make Better Products by Making Companies Better 
Information Architecture Summit, 2012

UX in Agile: How One Team is Making It Work
PMI Atlanta Chapter Agile Interest Group, 2012

Skinning Your Users: Humanizing Agile User Stories
ProductCamp Atlanta, 2010

User-centered Design: A Road Map to Usability
Refresh Augusta, 2009

User-centered Design: A Road Map to Usability - The Technical Communication Edition
Society for Technical Communication, 2009


I built Usablog, an experimental usability testing logging application, to meet my own needs and give me a reason to explore localstorage in JavaScript. 

Lean Experimentation Framework
I created this process to help Daxko embrace Lean Startup ideas to pursue new product opportunities. This model uses drip funding and frequent stakeholder check-ins to make more palatable the risk inherent in attempting to discover new products and markets. We used this model to quickly assess over a dozen opportunities, including one home run that went from concept to revenue generation in under three months.

Other Stuff

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